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Find out more about Music Store Schmitz, a music shop in Zug with an excellent reputation that was founded in 1944. Our business was founded by Mr. Schmitz - thanks to a deep love and passion for music. Since then we have expanded our services with music lessons and rentals. Our product range has also grown.

We mix and / or master your song

Call us or come by to make an appointment.

If you have live recordings, home studio recordings or studio recordings, we will make a ready-to-use mix or master

Repair services

Guitar Strings

New stringing

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Repairs for broken necks and tears

Repair of instruments

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Complete service for all types of guitars

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An easy entry

Sound equipment

Electric guitars, amplifiers & cables

Event technology

(only until the end of 2019)

Classic guitars and western guitars

Course offer

Here we go!

Gitarrenunterricht für Anfänger

We take care of them



Prepared for the next concert

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Guitar Playing

Advanced guitar lessons

Always at your service


Songwriting workshops

We make your dream come true


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