Korpus aus feinstem Cocobolo HM 96 bzw. Mit Naturharzlackierung (Geigenlack). Die langjährig luftgetrocknete Fichtendecke ist mit einer hauchdünnen Oberflächenveredelung versiegelt. Der Halsgriff ist geölt und gewachst. Kopfplatte mit Fenster. Inkl. Höfner Koffer.



Höfner HM96-0 "Gigue"

CHF 5'999.00 Standardpreis
CHF 5'799.00Sonderpreis
  • Instrument: Classical Guitar  
    Model: HM96 "Gigue"  
    Category Term Description
    Body Shape Classical guitar
      Wood Top Solid spruce AAA+
      Soundhole  85mm diameter
      Bracing Advanced Master built domed
      Wood Back Cocobolo, high arching
      Wood Sides Solid Cocobolo
      Binding Top Rosewood
      Binding Back Rosewood
      Purfling top Violin purfling b/w/b
      Purfling back w
      Purfling sides Maple, miter joint
    Neck Wood Mahogany
      Reinforcement Rosewood + carbon 
      Headstock Shape Hofner
      Headstock Style Elaborate head with step
      Faceplate Rosewood 2,0 / yew 0,5
      Rear headplate Cocobolo / maple
      Heel Cap Cocobolo - w
    Wood Ebony AAA
      Scale 650mm
      Nut Width 52mm
      Width At 12th fret 63mm
      Side Dots fret 7
      Number Of Frets 20
    Bridge Material / type Rosewood, pearl frame, twin holes
      Bridge saddle Bone
    Finish Top Natural resin polish
      Body Spirit varnish gloss
      Neck Oiled and waxed
    Tuners Deluxe tuners, gold with ebony buttons
      Nut Material Bone
      Pickup 0
      Electrics 0
      Strings Höfner Premium strings
    Setup Action E6 @ 12th fret 4mm
      Action e1 @ 12thfret 3mm
    All Specifications subject to change